Who's Who?

Meet The Teams

The Directors

Peter Bull

Managing Director

Peter is the founder of Rocksalt and has spent many years working within the numerous areas of IT, giving him extensive knowledge and experience. This has enabled him to not only start his own IT consultancy, but nurture it into a well-rounded organisation that can provide a wide breadth of support to our evergrowing client base.

Tim Bull


Tim has worked for the company for over 10 years now and became a director in 2011. He is also one of our Team Leaders, heading up Team Gates. He is a gadget man at heart & is very much into his cycling and camping!

Firstline Team


First Line Tech Support

Mark also started out as an apprentice but has now moved to be part of our first line team.

Martin Kerfoot

First Line Tech Support

Martin has proved himself to be a valued member of the First Line Team. Secretly, he very much likes his heavy metal music!

Mathio Edmondson

First Line Tech Support

Mathio comes with a wealth of hospitality experience, with many years in IT he has come to bolster our ever gowning first line team.

Secondline Team

Keith Orson

2nd Line Manager

Keith started in June 2018 and has taken on the role of Manager for our second line team. He has many years IT experience in a variety of industries. He's a keen cyclist, walker and beer lover.

Iulian-Dragos Preda

2nd Line Support Engineer

From the very beginning he proved to be one of the important members of our team by adapting and rapidly integrating both socially and professionally. He participated directly in the Company's important projects, being increasingly involved in complex activities, remarking as a mature person with a constant desire for going beyond his own limits, being creative, with a special ability to find solutions to technical problems but also with a very good interpersonal relationship.

Matthew Fearnley


Matthew is currently working on upgrading our in-house database in order to bring the team up to speed with the latest technology and enable the team to help you better!

Support Team

Andy Whitworth

Team Manager

Andy has worked for us for many years now and now heads up one of our teams. He is a big lover of all things Apple!

Daniel Ernst

Procurement and Project Planning

Daniel has a Masters Degree in Chemistry, and worked as a research scientist before coming to Rocksalt. His primary role is dealing with quotes and reports. Daniel works for Rocksalt Mon-Wed, and the rest of the time for Broadgrace Church in Norfolk.

Admin Team

Esther Bull


Esther has recently come in to help with all HR and more recently she has been tackling the headache that is GDPR!

David Jones

HR and Accounting

David looks after the company finances and makes sure we get paid! As well as two degrees and a lifetime working in industry, he's studied to become a Certified Bookkeeper while working at Rocksalt.

Geri Mihalkova

HR and Accounting

Geri has recently joined us and is our new Bookkeeper! She very much likes camping and hiking! She often brings the office lots of lovely home-baked cakes!

Georgina Kollar

HR and Accounting

Gina works on our contract analysis. She also helps out with all our backups and software testing.

Development Team

David Higgins


David has many years experience in the area of software development and has become our in-house developer.

Alex Frazer


Alex is project manager for our development team. He also dabbles in HR keeping on top of our policies and procedures. He really likes Excel.